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March 2014 - HOUZZ interviews Pam Fierro of Glamoursurf on framing and decoration with vintage swimwear.



July/August 2011 - Glamoursurf has several swimsuits featured in the July/August issue of Country Living Magazine.





December 2010 - In 2009 Glamoursurf was contacted by AND MEN magazine for use of some of our vintage men's swimwear for a pictorial presence in the publication. The images contained here are what transpired from this effort. Fabulous no?

Photographer: Kah Poon

And Men is a biannual publication that explores men's fashion, grooming and lifestyle. It is currently available in selective magazine and book stores in the USA, Europe, South East Asia and Australia.

March 2010 - Women on Waves, California Surf Museum

 California Surf Museum Women on Waves Exhibit 

Glamoursurfs vintage swimwear was prominently featured in the California Surf Museum's Women on Waves exhibit in Oceanside California.

Women On Waves, the California Surf Museum’s 2010 special exhibit, in an exciting exploration into the many aspects of feminine wave-riding. From the Hawaiian surfing Queens to the freshly crowned champions of the women’s pro tour, Women On Waves celebrates more than 300 years of women’s standout performances in surfing. At the same time Women On Waves chronicles the captivating beach fashions women endured or created, the milestones they accomplished and the often-overlooked influence feminine mystique has had on wave-riding. The exhibit’s compilation of swimwear not only traces the styles in women’s attire, but documents the evolution of freedom and achievement attained over the last century as well. Although no exhibition can provide a complete history, Women On Waves attempts to document the highlights of women’s contributions to surf culture — but from a feminine perspective that delights both men and women alike.


November 2009 - The Fashion Birdcage

An on line e-zine from the Fashion Birdcage has issued a cool new issue focused just on vintage fashion. There is some amazing vintage fashion in this issue including selections from Glamoursurf and GlamourSavvy!

The fashion Birdcage

September, 2009 - Collectors Weekly interview on Vintage Swimwear

 Teh Collectors Weekly

Eliza Magazine

Eliza Magazine


 Glamoursurf's  Vintage swimwear is featured in the Eliza Magazine 2008 summer Issue. Photo's were taken on models styled in vintage swimsuits on the beach in sunny Southern California. We also wrote a contributed article on the History of the One Piece Swimsuit titled "Credit goes to Annette" which can be seen here.




 California Girls Eliza Magazine Glamoursurf Vintage Swimwear 



Glamousurf LifeGuard


 Glamousurf LifeGuard 





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